MembersStand1909The Members' Stand

Opened 1909 - Demolished 1968
Designed by Thomas Watt

In what would become common place when the Club sort to build grand stands at Victoria Park, the final product would not be anywhere as grand as first planned.  The Member's Stand is no exception, wlthough it did provide seating for Female Season Ticket holders that allowed for the old Ladies' Stand to be used as a Smokers' Stand.  Construction was of brick and wood and this new stand would seat up to 1,500 patrons.  With the expansion and refurbishment of the old timber stand after its relocation, the Ladies Stand and the raising of the embankments aurrounding the playing arena, Victoria Park now boasted 'comfortable' viewing facilities for up to 30,000 patrons.  Although most would be standing, this was still a fine acheivement for a suburban ground.

Laying of the foundation stone in 1909

The Member's Stand would see a lot of football and a great deal of success.  A year after it's completion the Pies won a flag and a further ten flags would be unvieled and fly from her masts.

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