Victoria Park Heritage Committee

The VPHC has been formed in 2007 to voice the concerns of Collingwood Football Club members, past players and the broader community over the plans to destroy the nature and spirit of the century long home of the Collingwood Football Club.

We have no hidden agenda.  Just a very public and personal love for the most famously infamous suburban football stadium in Australia.

We represent ordinary people that have a passionate and very personal connection to the ground.  This includes people that have sat in the stands or stood on the terraces, players that have toiled and bled for the black and white jumper and those souls that rest in peace on the ground.

Victoria Park is their shrine  -  It is their eternal home  -  Forever

The profit we gain is to see the ground and its structures playing a role in the future of the Collingwood Football Club.  A future that will be immeasurably enhanced if we all take a moment to look back and admire and celebrate the wonderful achievements that have been made in the past.  The Collingwood Football Club's greatness derives from these achievements.  The achievements of ordinary men and women of Collingwood and we all can celebrate this at Victoria Park.

The VPHC represents the true "citizens of Collingwood", to whom the ground was given in 1882.

Anyone with an interest and knowledge of the history of Victoria Park 
is welcome to join the committee by emailing 

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